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> What is SA 8000?

What is SA 8000?

The SA 8000 is one of the first certifications that ensures a decent workplace according to International Labor Organization, United nations and various National Laws. These auditable certifications which are for all industrial sectors ensure that the Industry complies with the basic human rights of the workers. It also prevents forced labor, child labor, health and safety violations, discrimination etc.

Who is it applicable to?

The SA 8000 Benefits Organizations of all types, sectors and sizes, as it improves their performance through the Implementation of this standard.

What are the benefits of SA 8000?

The SA 8000 is a voluntary standard certification and hence gives credence to an organizations commitment to social accountability. It also shows that an organization is serious in treating its employees to the highest Industry Standards. The standard certification also improves the performance and management of the supply chain. The other substantial benefit that the SA 8000 certification provides is it ensures compliance to a global standard which in turn significantly reduces the risk of malpractice, image damage and possible litigation. this means that the certification saves the organization significant money. It also helps with employee loyalty, motivation and help build corporate image and also provides security to the clients and shareholders.

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