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> What is ISO 17025?

What is ISO 17025?

This standard is designed for testing and calibration laboratories to be competent in carrying out the test and/or calibrations, including samplings. It is a simple and easy to understand standard. It connects the laboratory quality management system to all other laboratory processes.

The 17025 Certification UAE is used by laboratories to enhance their ability to steadily produce valid results. This standard also forms the basis for accreditation from an Accreditation Body.

Who can get this certification?

The International Organization for Standardization awards this certification to organizations that produce testing and calibration results. Organizations that can get the 17025 certification include first, second and third party laboratories as well as laboratories that do testing and/or calibration as part of their inspection and product certification.

Who can get this certification?

Although there are benefits of implementing ISO/IEC 17025 for laboratories, the work and costs involved should be taken into account before moving ahead to get this certification.

Main benefits include continuous improvement in data quality and lab effectiveness, access to more contacts for testing and/or calibration, a basis for most other lab-related quality systems such as Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices, and improved national and global reputation and image of the lab.

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