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> What is ISO 10002?

What is ISO 10002?

The importance of Customer Satisfaction is paramount in this day and age, and an efficient customer support system might be the thing that tips the balance for you against your competitors. ISO 10002:2004 is a customer service standard that offers guidlines for an efficient complaints management system. which means that this standard helps the orginization to identify, manage and understand their customers' complaints.

The ISO 10002 Certification UAE not only helps you in handling customer complaints succesfully but also helps you identify and address customer dissatisfaction within the business.

Who is it applicable to?

The standard is for any orginization that wishes to implement an efficient customer services system and wishes to excel in this field regardless of their size and the nature of their business be it the private or the public secto.

What are the benefits of this certification?

The ISO 10002-2004 helps increase the level of customer satisfaction by creating an enviroment that gives priority to the customer. it helps in implementing the feedback and thus ensures that the product is improved according to the wishes of the customer. Thus it not only ensures that the customer satisfaction is at its highest but also ensures that the image of the company is enhanced and helps with customer loyalty and trust.

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